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Coinline Oy has sold second hand games and amusement park rides since 1990’s. As an example, in 2013 we bought 8 big amusement park rides from the Danish Djurs Sommerland amusement park, had a team of 5 people dismantling the rides and sold them to Germany and Nordic countries.

Based on our 30+ years of experience in the industry, we are able to choose the best second hand products for our customers. On this page we have listed some amusement park games and rides that we currently have for sale. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you’re looking for a specific product.

Indoor playgrounds

We sold our first large indoor playground back in 1990. In 2018 we sold and constructed the largest indoor playground structure in the Baltic countries to Tallinn, Estonia. Currently we have a large stock of new and second hand playground elements and are able to build an indoor playground according to your preferences as a turn-key solution.

We are also able to refurbish and upgrade your existing playground with new elements. Please contact us for more information.

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Bulldog - 8 player arcade game

Idea of the game is to hit the black punch button with a mallet which makes the balls fly towards the dog’s head. The aim is to “feed” the dogs with the balls. The player who is able to feed the most balls into the mouth of the dog is the winner.

Original name of the product: Dog Pounder
Manufacturer: Bob’s Space Racers, USA

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Wanted poster machine

Insert a coin into the machine, sit in front of the camera and wait a minute. This machine takes a picture of you and prints out an A4-sized WANTED-poster. Western music and sounds create an authentic wild west atmosphere. This is a perfect addition to any western themed amusement park or why not into a western themed restaurant as well!

The image is imprinted black & white on the existing colored WANTED-paper. It is possible to customize the papers for example with amusement park’s own logos.

Dimensions (Depth x width x height): 80cm x 170cm x 220cm
Manufacturer: DPS Promatic srl, Italy

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Hoop Fever - Basketball game

This is a classic arcade game which is in use in most of the amusement parks around the world. The game can be set up to function with tokens, coins or on free play. Currently we have only a single machine left as opposed to the picture.

Dimensions (Depth x width x height): 300cm × 84cm × 285cm
Manufacturer: ICE, USA

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Santa Fe - kiddie train

This beautiful set includes a locomotive, two railway carriages, train tracks and a train station. Maximum capacity is 5 kids; one in the locomotive and four in the carriages. There is approximately 80 meters of train track parts included in the set.

Locomotive: 60cm x 150cm x 98cm
Each carriage: 61cm x 145cm x 50cm 

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Race circuit for kids with 6 battery vehicles

This set includes six high quality Formula K battery vehicles from England, 60 meters of track elements and themed canvas banners to cover the walls around the circuit. All vehicles have been thoroughly checked and are working well. Battery chargers and some spare parts are also included in the package.

Manufacturer: Formula K, England

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Sport simulator

High quality sport simulator with several sport options. You can try your skills in football, golf, ice hockey, baseball, etc.

All the required hardware and software is included in the package as well as a lot of play equipment such as hockey sticks, golf clubs and balls. You will only need a room where the installation can be built.

Please contact us for more information.

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