Optical Amusement Shooting

Coinline Games and Finnish Eco-Aims have developed optical biathlon shooting game for amusement- and theme parks. The idea of the game is based on the traditional amusement park games, where players test their shooting skills. We introduced the first turn-key version of the Biathlon shooting game in Linnanmäki Amusement Park, Helsinki in 2013. There are several amusement park installations and now also an Event single player version of the game.

How it is played?

There are five shooting targets, each showing green – or red light, depending on the success of the shot. Final results are displayed on a screen placed above the targets.

Game versions

  • game can be played with biathlon rifles or alternatively with pistols
  • single player or multiple player versions available
  • available with full, turn-key solution

Benefits of the optical shooting system:

  • Safe to use: the rifles/pistols do not fire any projectiles or emit harmful rays that could hurt players or spectators in any way.
  • Environmentally friendly: the system does not use any heavy metal, neither does it produce noise.
  • Safe hardware: the system is built with an easy to use, safe hardware.
  • Instant analysis of results: the system records information of the shots. It calculates accurate results for the player.
  • Easy to build, easy to move: The system is light; making it is easy to install or transport.
  • Easy to customize: unique themes can be implemented in the design and decoration according to your needs
  • Cost-efficient
  • Used as a training tool by professional shooters as well. 

Compact shooting games

During the years we have had a lot of inquiries about event version of our Biathlon shooting game and are proud to present our new Biathlon and Police Academy shooting games as compact, easy to set up event versions.

Biathlon shooting game – event version

Based on our reliable optical shooting game for amusement parks we decided to develop a compact Biathlon shooting system for event organizers and rental companies. The whole game system fits on a single EUR pallet and is quickly set up for some fun shooting action.

Police Academy shooting game – event version

This is a Police Academy version of our compact Biathlon game. The difference besides using a pistol instead of a rifle is that the targets are spread up around the wall and light up in random order. Also, the pace slowly gets quicker making it more difficult to hit the targets towards the end of the game. The whole game system fits on a single EUR pallet for transport.

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