Haunted hunting

Haunted hunting

Give a try to a unique walk-through shooting experience, the Haunted hunting-game!

Walk through a sinister forest on a trail made of duckboards, armed with a pistol. Evil ghostly eyes will appear on several places in the forest while you walk through the path. You can collect points by shooting them. Based on the accuracy of your shots, you can score lower or higher score. Eerie noises, dim lighting and an impressive setting make the game experience even more striking.

The attraction can be built in almost any kind os space, but generally a minimum space of 100 sqm is required. Haunted hunting requires a supervisor who advices the players, distributes pistols to each shooter and collects the guns at the end of the game.

Haunted hunting weapons are easy and safe to use. They work with the same optical system, as our Biathlon shooting game. Each pistol has a red dot-sight, which is only visible for the shooter and it is harmless to the eyes.

Each project is unique and pricing depends of factors, such as location and desired space to be used. Based on your request we can create any decoration for the game, for example combat or police academy-theme. Tell us about your plans and let´s make a Haunted hunting attraction to your premises too!